Dave loves to create “Inspired Action” which is exactly what he focuses on when speaking to crowds of people.

Dave has a number of areas of focus for talks and keynotes, but they are all centered around the simple feeling of Inspired Action & Growth for your audience.

Dave will bring infectious energy, badassery, and humor in a unique way to get the group’s attention and then hit them with the truth and strategies they need to improve their life and business.

If you are looking for an authentic voice with the right mix of experience and vision then Dave is perfect for your event.

Below is one of Dave’s award-winning talks on his secret formula of PURPOSE + PASSION = PROFIT. Dave was asked to create an inspirational talk around his formula at a Mastermind event. He competed with 12 other speakers for a $10,000 prize. This talk is what won him that prize. While the time is short, it gives you exactly the flavor and energy you can expect from Dave. The content was tailored for a group of coaches at this Mastermind event, but the infectious style is exactly why you need Dave at your next event.

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