This is all about YOU.

January 2024 - Cancun, Mexico


Any problem in a business is a problem with the business owner. This has been a core belief of mine since the very start and it’s exactly what is driving this retreat. 

You have worked on strategy, your niche, your marketing, your core messages, your relationships, your health, your finances, and for some reason you still aren’t where you wanted to be.
It’s time to do something different. 

It’s time to stop working on everything and everyone
 else for a minute.


What if YOU are the answer?

First of all, there is nothing wrong with you. This retreat is not about finding faults, issues, or blame. It’s about discovering, designing, and deploying the highest level of who you are in your life, relationships, and your business.

Over the last few years our world has changed a lot and so have we. I have witnessed so many people creating safe and protected versions of themselves and avoiding risk- slipping into and accepting a life less than what they desire.
It is ok to want more, it is ok to dream and desire more.
It is NOT ok to settle and not act on what you really want.

It’s time to raise your standards and see what you, the real you, is truly capable of. 

We work on you in three ways:

This is where we get personal. If you have ever questioned who you really are or why you do things the way you do, we answer it all. You will discover who you really are, what your key values are, what really motivates you, and what is your unstoppable driving force. This is the key to constructing your master plan for how you will work at peak performance levels effortlessly and achieve what you really want in life. 


Relationships are like fingerprints, no two are alike. You can learn what actually makes a relationship work for you. The success factor for any relationship to last is knowing yourself better than you know the other person.  I believe that one person can make or break a relationship, so doing this work yourself can have a huge impact overall.
Bonus: For the first time ever we are giving the option of bringing your Spouse to this retreat. This is not required to get the benefits from this work. For a small additional fee, they can come and enjoy the resort and participate in as much or as little of the retreat as they like.  


It wouldn’t be a retreat with me if we didn’t grow your business too. We answer the most Important question: Who are YOU in your business? By taking who we really are and designing how that adapts and works in our business brings clarity and drive. Now you use your strengths and driving force to grow. I don’t believe there is a universal way we should all grow our business.  There is a custom approach that is for you and that’s what we uncover.

Having clarity and confidence around one of these will help, but spending the time to figure out all three at once is how we reach PEAK PERFORMANCE. This is exactly what we designed this retreat for, to tap into the MAGIC OF YOU and give you the clarity and confidence you need so you can achieve anything and everything you want in life. 

YOU LEAVE WITH YOUR MASTER PLAN. We spend an entire day taking everything we learned and developing a MASTER PLAN you can use to navigate everything ahead. This is your custom protocol for how you operate and how you grow. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER. Plus You have me helping you execute the Master plan for 6 months following the retreat…that’s right…keep reading. 

If you know anything about me, I OVERDELIVER in every way. 
The work you do, the experience you have, and the surprises along the way. 
One of the ways I over-deliver is by limiting the group to keep it small so everyone gets a quality experience. 

This is very intimate and limited.
12 people 
6 days + 6 months 
YES – 6 months of continued coaching included 
An experience like never before.  
So don’t hesitate.
This will SELL OUT.

Is this a business retreat?

YES  – but not like you have ever experienced before.
This is the YOU retreat. 
I am obsessed with discovering peoples’ formula for peak performance in life.
 This is not a “one size fits all” thing, it’s custom tailored to the individual.
We are all unique in many ways, but all the same in many ways too. 
This is what this experience is all about.
 What makes you different and what makes you successful. 
Discovering the best version of yourself and adapting it to your business, your relationships, your life, and making it all REAL.

It’s not all business, but what we do here will give you the best opportunity for growth and wealth. 
Imagine truly understanding all levels of yourself and then working from the highest level all year long. 


6 Months of Coaching Included

For the first time ever we are sending the magic home with you.
Retreats are amazing, but when we get home sometimes we lose the magic we found at the retreat.
I’ve been there, I know.

So I am disrupting that with this all-new way to make sure you don’t lose what you discovered in paradise.

How does this work?

Community: You will gain access to a private community of fellow retreaters, this is engine power post-retreat. 

Coaching: Each month we will meet live as a group to connect, celebrate wins, and give you the opportunity to get coaching on any challenges you are facing as you execute your master plan. 

There has never been a more immersive way to do this work. 

Spending a week with me in a transformational setting like this will not be something you ever forget.
But adding the 6 months afterward will blow your mind with potential and opportunity in your life and your business. 

This is An Unforgettable Experience

This is EXACTLY what you have been waiting for!

Cancun, Mexico - Jan 21 to Jan 27, 2024

The best place to do the work is NOT the place where you did the damage.
This is why we escape to paradise to uncover what we didn’t know about ourselves. 

See what everyone else has to say....



Only $6250 Per Person

Pricing Includes:
-Full luxury accommodation
-All meals and drinks
-The entire retreat and all materials 
-6 months of coaching and connection post-retreat
-A more powerful version of you that will LAST
-A launch into a year you will never forget
-$1500 add-on to include your spouse/partner

2 options for payment:


1. PAYMENT PLAN: $2000 deposit paid today and the remaining balance will be split in half and billed to your card Oct 10th and Nov 10th. 


2.PAY IN FULL: Pay the full amount today. You get exclusive early bird pricing if you pay in full today. ($500 discount)

Reservations are first come first serve.
If you wish to bring your spouse/partner there will be an additional fee of $1500 to cover the additional hotel and meals expenses. The retreat is free for them to participate in as much or as little as they like. 


By placing a $2000 deposit you are agreeing to enrol in the payment plan with automatic card processing of:
Oct 1 – $2125
Nov 1 – $2125

This is for those who are ready to make full payment today and take advantage discounted pricing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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YES. IF you are ready to move to the next level from where you are, then you are in the right place. 

YES. Our goal is to find balance and show you how to work hard and play hard all in the same day. 

Casual and comfortable. 

We all know the world is not certain anymore. We are dedicated to having an in-person retreat and will follow any rules or guidelines needed to make it safe and possible. 

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You have 

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