I declare 2024 to be your best year ever. 
How can I do that?
Simple – I am going to help you create it. 

I am inviting a small group of people to work intimately with me. In just 12 months of working together, we will create, unleash, and live your BEST YEAR EVER. 

This program combines 1:1 coaching plus the power of a small group and community with it. This work will be high quality, intense, and limited to a small intimate group of only 10 people. 

This program Runs January – December 2024. 


2 RETREAT(s): A full-day virtual retreat to kick things off…Plus a mid-year (IN PERSON or VIRTUAL) retreat to take things to the next level. 

1 FULL YEAR: 12 months of coaching, support, strategy, and focus directly with Dave. Imagine having me in your corner and in your pocket for 12 months. 

THE PLAN: A personalized “BEST YEAR EVER” plan to kick things off. This plan is not based on goals, this plan is based on actual strengths first. How do you take who you already are, what you are already good at and accomplish amazing things. Thats THE BEST YEAR EVER. 

1:1 COACHING CALLS: Quarterly 1:1 coaching calls. You get 4 calls to use throughout the year to make sure you are getting the attention and support you need during this year. This is where we get specific to you and work on your challenges, strategy, and discuss your BEST YEAR EVER with me 1:1. 

GROUP CALLS: Weekly BYE Group calls (3x/month)

VOXER: Private voxer channel with daily conversations, prompts, and updates from Dave (M-F).

COMMUNITY: A small group of engines working right alongside you keeping you inspired. THIS IS POWERFUL. This is not just a GROUP program. This is a small group of dedicated and aligned individuals who are working on the same thing together. 

ACCESS: Unparalleled access to behind-the-scenes as I dive in to create my BEST YEAR EVER right alongside you.

BONUS: If you ARE NOT a member of the NEXT LEVEL ACADEMY, I will give you a full year of access at no charge. That means you get all the courses, live calls, and next-level community of the Academy at no extra cost. 


This includes 1:1 Coaching

I know the power of a 1:1 conversation, but I also know the power of a small group and community. 
I wanted to combine both for an unparalleled experience. 
If you have never worked 1:1 with me before this will give you a taste of what that is like at a fraction of the cost. 

I am giving you four (4) 1:1 touchpoint coaching calls to be used on demand. 
These are personal strategy calls where we get very specific about you, your business, and your strategy. 
These are meant to be used to dive deeper and get more specific about you and your business than we do on the group calls. 
The touchpoint call is a 30-minute focused 1:1 call where we get specific on your, business, your challenges, and your life. 

Think 30 minutes is not enough?
What we can unlock, discover, and strategize in 30 minutes will blow your mind.

Whatever you need you can book and use the calls as you wish over the year. 
You will have full access to my calendar and the ability to book and manage your own calls to suit your individual needs as we create the BEST YEAR EVER together. 


This is THE ONLY opportunity to do this.
12 months.
Everything you need.

If you know the value of accountability, support, and being in proximity…then you know this is everything you need to have the BEST YEAR EVER! 

This is my 40th year and I am set on building the next level in my life and business and want to drop the curtain and take a small group with me as I do it. I am putting it all on the line to create everything I ever wanted. 

You have excuses.
You have objections.
I get it, but it’s time to put all that aside and see this as your sign to take the risk and do something unbelievable for yourself. 

Lets Fucking go!

All of this for only $4997

This is the most valuable and inexpensive way I have ever created to do this work with me. 
Plus I am giving you the option of paying in full or a payment plan.
You have no more excuses.
Choose yourself.
Make the investment and
lets make this the BEST YEAR EVER for you. 

This is for those who are ready to make full payment today. 

Pay only $997 Today and the rest in 2024.

You will select your payment preference on the next page. Just click to button below to take the first step towards declaring 2024 to be your BEST YEAR EVER!

Note: Discount codes and/or promotions not applicable on payment plan.
Only pay in full option. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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YES. IF you are ready to move to the next level from where you are, then you are in the right place. 

YES. You will have access to replays of all calls all year long.

Simply. You click a link to my calendar and book, change, and manage the calls all on your own. 

Simple. I WANT COMPANY as I disrupt and move towards my best year ever. I know the power of proximity and I want good people invested and interested in doing this with me. 

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You have 

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